WebFOCUS – General

There is a folder in the left menu titled Favorites, how do I add my reports to that folder?

Right click on any report name and select Add to Favorites (next to the yellow star) from the menu.

Is there an easy way to search for a report?

In the upper left corner of the WebFOCUS screen, just below the logo, there is a Filter button. Select that button to open the filter box. Enter the name of the report to search for/filter on and select the Apply Filtering button. Use the white X to clear the filter.

Can the default parameters of a report be changed to meet my criteria, without changing the values for other users?

If you run a report and always change some of the parameters to meet your criteria, you can use the Save button in the parameter dialog box. The system will prompt you to enter a name (create a name that reflects the parameter settings you are saving). The report will be saved in the My Content folder.

When the menu on the left in WebFOCUS is expanded, it is difficult to select a specific folder or report name (the selection is not in the same place as the cursor).

In your browser, using the CTRL + "-" keys, zoom out. The selected folder or report name will align with the cursor.

WebFOCUS InfoAssist (Report Writing)

When the output type of my report is Excel, how do I get all the values in each cell so I can use sort and filter in Excel?

On the Format tab, select Repeat Sort Value in the Features section of the ribbon menu.

My report is taking a long time to open in InfoAssist. Is there a way to make it open faster?

If a report is created in InfoAssist and it is stored with Live Preview, depending on what table it is referencing, it may take up to 40 seconds to open. On the Home tab, switch to Query in the Design section and Save the report. It should now open much faster.

Is there a way to view a list of the fields in a table?

There are few ways to view the field names of table in InfoAssist. On the View tab, select List in the Data Panel section to get a chart of table names and field formats. Select Structured to get a list of field names in an expandable hierarchy, similar to Windows File Explorer. Hover over the field name to view the field format. With either option, Structured or List, use the small down arrow on the icon to customize the view.

Is there a way to search for a field in a table?

In InfoAssist there is a Search fields box at the top of the Data box. Use the wildcard * to search for field names. For example, if you need a field that has the word Account somewhere in the name, start by using *acc - this will help you also find the fields where the word Account is abbreviated.


Report Caster (Scheduling)

Can I have my report automatically emailed? Can I schedule my report to run every week/month?

Report Caster is the tool in WebFOCUS used to set-up a schedule for your report to run automatically and to create a distribution list.  Please refer to the videos titled "How to Schedule a Report" and "Creating a Distribution List"  in our Video Library for step-by-step instructions.