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Our Services

ITS offers, as a service, centralized databases that are secure, stable, and professionally managed. We develop and support datamarts such as the Student Administration Datamart (SADM), the Kuali Financial Datamart (KFDM), and the much anticipated Human Resource/Payroll Datamart (HRPYDM). We administer and support the WebFOCUS reporting platform while extending those services into the areas of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Furthermore, the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence group takes advantage of machine learning techniques and cognitive capabilities (via cloud based Artificial Intelligence) to create innovative solutions. Additional information can be found on Our Services page.

WebFOCUS Update

As mentioned in recent communications, we’ve adopted an update strategy that will provide new, improved functionality to the WebFOCUS Community more frequently. A detailed explanation of this strategy is available here. Also mentioned was the desire to involve as many of you, as possible, to assure that your core reporting functionality is not interrupted by the WebFOCUS update.