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Data Management & Reporting Services

ITS offers, as a service, centralized databases that are secure, stable, and professionally managed. We develop and support datamarts such as the Student Administration Datamart (SADM), the Kuali Financial Datamart (KFDM), and the much anticipated Human Resource/Payroll Datamart (HRPYDM). We also administer and support reporting systems and offer reporting and analytics support services using the WebFOCUS reporting tool. Additional information can be found on Our Services page.

WebFOCUS Upgrade

The WebFOCUS upgrade from version 8.1.05 to version 8.2.06 went live on August 24, 2020. As we mentioned before, we elected to use the Legacy User Interface to make this phase of the upgrade easier. While it looks very similar to version 8.1, there are some important things to know, especially if you use InfoAssist or if you upload files. Please visit the Upgrade Information & Additional Resources page for helpful documentation related to the upgrade and some tips on logging in for the first time to WebFOCUS 8.2.

With this upgrade will come many strategic reporting enhancements in functionality. We look forward to working and building with you on the new platform.