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Our Services

The Data Management, Reporting, and Analytics team develops and supports data marts such as the Student Administration Datamart (SADM) and the Kuali Financial Datamart (KFDM). We administer and support the WebFOCUS reporting platform while extending those services into the areas of descriptive and predictive analytics. Additional information can be found on Our Services page.

WebFOCUS Update

Over the next few months, ITS will be evaluating WebFOCUS version 9. We are working to ensure our users have the tools they need to effectively utilize the data and analyses needed to make informed decisions. It is also our responsibility to take proper consideration for security and maintain stable functionality.

The evaluation process includes testing current functionality as well as investigating new features. As information becomes available, communications will be sent via email to the WebFOCUS user community. If you are experiencing any issues, please submit a support request. A detailed explanation of the update strategy is available here.